Handmade Handsomeness for Boys!

Make it a Heart!

Valentines Day is filled with so much commercial things that I wanted to do something personal for my boys and make it a surprise. My MIL has turned the hubby and I into lovers of the bread machine. We actually received our machine for a wedding gift but hadn’t pulled it out till this year. That’s 10 years of sitting in a box. Yikes! We’re making up for it almost daily though. We’ve started making our own pizzas and it’s delicious. My boys asked for pizza Friday night so as I was rolling out the dough, I accidentally started to see a half of a heart. A light bulb went off and it was the perfect idea for my noncommercial show of affection. Each one received a personal heart from their mama. The look and response when they actually saw it was priceless. Hope you had a fantastic heart day as well!



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