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Fabric Trick

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I’ve decided I want this spot on the web to more than about the props I make. I want to help others which is something I do best. In my quest to find out how to wash-dry-iron fabric, I finally ran across a trick that works. I previously asked seamstress that I personally knew but no solution. So without further ado…

If you want to wash-iron-dry material to make items, the trick is…


Vinegar! That’s right, I said vinegar. I read on a forum post (sorry I don’t remember where), that the fabric industry uses this trick and by golly…it works. Now I can finally wash-dry-iron my fabric without the fear of having a big mess. And now you can too! So go ahead, grab a bottle from your local convenient store and get yo iron on!

I had one in my pantry and I grabbed a spray bottle from Dollar Tree and bam –






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